How to earn with Fibitium

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Fibitium aims to democratize information so everyone can have access to high quality content without paying subscriptions or selling their personal data.

How Fibitium works

Rewards over time

The people that create, share or review high quality content are greatly rewarded while maintaining the content free for everyone. The rewards are higher for early adopters and will decrease over time.

The rewards are coins or tokens provided by promoted crypto projects or affiliates.

Ways to earn:

1. Post articles

Sign in to your account and post an article. Once the article is reviewed you are rewarded with available coins or put on a waiting list until new coins are available.

2. Share articles

Request a unique ID at: .Once you receive your ID you can share blog posts and receive tokens depending on the number of subscribed users and availabe coins.

Note that bots are not allowed. Only human traffic is counted.

3. Review articles

If you want to be a reviewer please contact us at

Note that there is a limited number of reviewers.

Leveraged tokens

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